Planning for an Event

Tell us about your event so we can create a parking plan for you.  Important information we need to help provide you an accurate quote includes:

DATE:  The day and date

TIME:  The invitation time or start time for your first guest’s arrival.

ARRIVAL:  Whether guests will arrive quickly for a set start time or are the guests arriving staggered

DURATION:  What is the expected time frame for the event with the expected ending time

NUMBER OF GUESTS:  Anticipated guests in attendance whether by RSVP count or general estimate

NATURE OF ATTENDEES:  Couples, single arrivals, ladies group etc.

TYPE OF EVENT:  Wedding, anniversary, fundraiser, organization meeting, holiday party etc.

LOCATION:  Parking availability at and near the event site, special circumstances etc.

Preferred Parking has had experience working in most any parking situation.  Call so that we can discuss your event details.