A service business is only as good as the people that represent it and work within it.  Preferred Parking takes pride in its staff.  Only those people that enjoy providing good customer service are employed in our company.  We provide a five star customer service training and driver training geared toward safe driving, vehicle security and vehicle risk management.

Preferred Parking only hires drivers over twenty-one years of age, with a good driving record, of good character, and  a pleasant appearance. We screen their background through a records search and check past work references..  So, unlike some other valet companies, we have very few employee related problems.

Our customers will tell you that our valets are friendly, helpful, courteous, skilled and trustworthy.

Many of our staff are known in the community for their personable approach to service.  And, Preferred Parking often has requests for them by name.  Our effort is to serve our customer in a genuine, unpretentious fashion so we choose only service staff that demonstrate above average people skills and that are interested in serving people well.


Our standard staff  uniform is  white dress collar shirt, black slacks and shoes, and uniform silver jackets.  We wear black neckties for private party events, weddings and formal affairs.  Our valets use nametags at most of our regular locations.  A custom uniform is often requested for some of our hotel and condominium locations so we are able to make our staff fit along with the look that meets your needs.